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The Nevada Podiatry Team at Sierra Foot and Ankle Can Help Get You Back on Your Feet

Quality of Life, Doing Things You Love to Do

You may not want to admit it, but your physical activities have fallen by the wayside lately. You love to run, walk, hike, and take trips with your children and grandchildren—but until the pain in your feet lets up, there’s just no way you’ll make it out on the trail. It’s not enough of a problem to send you straight to the doctor’s office...however, it’s kept you on the sidelines for longer than you expected. Should you be concerned about a condition that won’t end your life, but is making your life less enjoyable?

We Can Help You Do the Things You Love To Do

The podiatry team at Sierra Foot and Ankle believes that nothing is more important than getting our patients doing the things they love to do. What can you expect? You can expect for SFA to take the time to fully evaluate your specific needs and activities, allowing us to develop and implement workable changes that will get you on your feet and enjoying the activities you love. We have helped patients from children to seniors ease their foot and ankle pain and helped them to continue engaging in activities they don’t want to live without.

No Matter What Caused Your Foot Problem, We Can Find the Solution

Due to the unique strains your feet are under, there are many different ways they could suffer an injury. Sudden trauma, repetitive motion, wear and tear, genetic conditions, infection, and arthritis are just a few things that can cause pain and affect your normal walking or more strenuous activity. What begins as a small annoyance may soon develop into a painful and potentially life-altering condition over time, so it is best to have the problem fully evaluated by a podiatrist before wasting more time and energy on home remedies that are not working.

Sierra Foot and Ankle’s board-certified podiatrist Dr. Victoria Melhuish treats patients who are suffering from a variety of conditions, including:

  • Heel and Arch Pain. The muscles, bones, and tendons in your feet can easily become overworked, leading to potentially painful conditions. Heel pain may be due to inflammation of the tissue along the bottom of your foot (plantar fasciitis), overuse of the tendon at the back of the heel (Achilles tendonitis), or even calcium deposits building up on the back of the foot (heel spurs). We will discover the cause of your pain and work to correct the problem—and with our on-site orthotic lab, you won’t be waiting long for relief.
  • Diabetic Foot Care. While diabetes is a disease that affects the whole body, it is particularly dangerous for a patient’s feet. High levels of sugar in the blood can suppress the immune system and cause circulation problems, causing numbness in the feet (neuropathy). A person may easily injure his or her foot and not notice until an infection has developed, leading to potential amputation of a toe, foot, or even the entire leg. Dr. Melhuish teaches proper prevention techniques for diabetic patients to avoid complications.
  • Nail and Skin Care. It is just as important to protect the outside of your feet as well as the tissues beneath. A painful or irritating nail problem, such as an ingrown toenail, black toenail, or fungal infection can prevent you from taking part in your favorite activities. Embarrassing thick or yellow toenails can hold you back from wearing sandals or going to the pool. Poorly-fitting shoes can also lead to further complications, such as blisters, corns, and calluses. At Sierra Foot and Ankle, we can rid you of your athlete’s foot, offer tips and shoe recommendations, and provide PinPointe Laser treatments to help with brittle or unsightly toenails.
  • Surgery. Even if your condition is advanced, it is not hopeless; there are a variety of surgical options that we can provide to correct or alleviate the problem. We have full digital x-ray and diagnostic ultrasound capabilities to diagnose the problem. Together we can develop a surgical solution for the best possible outcome. Painful bunions, ruptured tendons, and foot deformities may all be corrected surgically, and we will be happy to guide you through every step of recovery to make sure you do not suffer further complications.

Don’t Wait to Do What You Love!

Don’t put off that big trip or reschedule your favorite activities because you’re waiting for your foot pain to get better. While many of our patients come to us only looking for a way to get better fast, they also learn how to prevent suffering from another painful condition in the future, and discover whole-body techniques to keep them moving for years to come.

We strive to get you the help you need as quickly as possible. Our staff will make every effort to make you an appointment as soon as possible while accommodating your schedule and many same day appointments are available.

Contact Sierra Foot & Ankle today at 888-608-8406 to make an appointment, or fill out our quick appointment request form and we will contact you to confirm. Our offices are conveniently located in Carson City, NV and Gardnerville, NV.

Service Areas

Biomechanics Biomechanics

Understanding your foot biomechanics can help you reduce and prevent pain and injury from walking or athletic activity, says Victoria L. Melhuish, DPM.

Sports Injuries Sports Injuries

Every season has its own sports. Football, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, running, cycling, and others keep competitive people on their feet and moving. The intense training required to be able to play or compete well is good for the body, but the hard impacts and intense forces exerted on the feet can cause painful problems. Overuse and traumatic sports injuries are fairly common, and both can restrict you to the sidelines for a while.

Heel and Arch Pain Heel and Arch Pain

Many patients come to us at their wits’ end, looking for a way to make the pain go away once and for all. At Sierra Foot & Ankle, we believe that nothing is more important than getting our patients back to doing the things they want to do. We use diagnostic techniques to discover the root of your problem and listen to your concerns, allowing us to devise a treatment method that works for you.

PinPointe FootLaser PinPointe FootLaser

Discover how the PinPointe laser treatment can help your toenail fungus and get you back to the point of loving your toenails again.

Surgery Surgery

Foot surgery can be a frightening prospect. At Sierra Foot & Ankle, we take the worry out of your surgical procedure, explaining all possible treatments and costs to allow you to make an informed decision on your treatment. We perform all of our surgical procedures on site, and perform comprehensive recovery services to prevent complications and stop the condition from coming back.

Diabetic Foot Care Diabetic Foot Care

Living with diabetes is a constant battle, but we can help fight on your side. No matter if you need help with proper foot care, a foot ulcer, shoe fittings, vascular testing, or other diabetic treatment, we can diagnose your problem and design effective interventions to keep you on your feet and out of the hospital.

Pediatric Foot Care Pediatric Foot Care

They patter on the floors as they run through the house. They wiggle and kick when you tickle them. You might find them proudly tromping around in your own shoes, even though your footwear is much too big. No one knows and cares about your child and his or her health the way you do. All parents want to protect their little ones and keep them safe. Taking care of your children’s feet is part of doing so.

Nail and Skin Care Nail and Skin Care

Foot care is important from the inside out—and neglecting the outsides can lead to serious problems. Our podiatry team can explain the cause of your unsightly toenail problem, help you evaluate your treatment options, and implement workable changes to get patients of all ages to love their feet.

Healthy Eating Healthy Eating

Healthy eating can have a powerful, positive effect on your health. Victoria L. Melhuish, DPM in Carson City, NV shares top tips for eating healthy.