5 Signs Foot Surgery is Your Best Bet

Doctor and footWe perform a wide array of foot and ankle services at Sierra Foot & Ankle for our patients, with the hope always being that conservative care will work. We are able to treat many conditions with nonsurgical care, but sometimes surgery is the best treatment option. If you are wondering “Do I need foot surgery?”, the best answer will come after evaluation by our medical professionals. That said, there are some clues to indicate if foot surgery is your best bet.

  1. Conservative care isn’t working. As stated, we always hope to relieve your pain without needing to resort to surgery. In most cases, we will start treating your condition with nonsurgical methods and see if it helps. When it isn’t, this is a sign surgery might be needed.
  2. You have severe pain. Intense pain is often an indication of a major issue. Many bone fractures cause severe pain and, if the broken ends do not line up correctly, surgery may be required to ensure proper healing.
  3. Impaired or restricted functionality. If your foot, toes, or ankle doesn’t move in the correct manner, you may need surgical intervention to restore functionality. Whether or not you decide to undergo a surgery will depend on your goals and favorite activities. Those who lead an active lifestyle may find this is the best course of action to allow them to perform in activities they enjoy.
  4. The condition itself. Sometimes, just knowing the existing issue will indicate if surgery is your best bet. In the case of progressive toe deformities like bunions and hammertoes, the condition will not get better without surgery. We might be able to address symptoms and prevent it from worsening, but it will require a surgical procedure to actually correct the toe.
  5. We are recommending it. If we don’t need to perform a surgery to address your problem, we won’t do one. We are experienced, skilled, and consistently perform successful procedures, but our goal is to use conservative care options.

No matter if you need foot surgery or not, you will always find the expert care here at Sierra Foot & Ankle. We have offices in both Carson City and Gardnerville, so give us a call at (775) 783-8037 and find out how we can help you today. If you’d prefer, take advantage of our online form to connect with us right now!

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