5 Ways to Keep Your Pretty Toenails Safe

Here in Nevada, nice days are never that far away (even in winter), so you always want your feet and toes to look attractive. However, you also want them to be healthy, and there is always a danger when frequenting popular salons that you could come home with more than you bargained for—fungal toenails. Here’s a quick countdown of the top five ways to get a safe pedicure:

  1. Bring your own instruments. That way you know they haven’t been used on anyone else who might have an infection.

  2. Don’t shave your legs first. Any nicks, cuts or scrapes are like a big welcome sign to bacteria and fungi.

  3. Check out the credentials. Make sure you know that the salon and the technician are licensed so they know proper pedicure procedures.

  4. Check out the salon and equipment. Does the place look clean? Did they disinfect the foot bath? Sterilize the instruments? Sanitize their hands? Dispose of disposables after one use?

  5. Tell them about medications. Certain ones can increase your risk of infection or bleeding (for example, chemo treatments or anticoagulants).

You have two options for even more security: do the pedicure yourself, or let us do medical nail care for you here in our sterile office environment. This last one is especially important if you have diabetes, because the condition is often associated with poor circulation, which can make any infection riskier for your feet. 

If you do it yourself, remember to moisturize your nails after removing old polish, never cut or push your cuticles, use an extra base coat under vibrant colors to avoid dyeing the nail, and avoid using artificial nails to cover up an unsightly problem like toenail fungus.

If you do get such an infection, or need help with nail care because of diabetes, contact Sierra Foot & Ankle for an appointment. Call our office in Gardnerville, NV at (775) 783-8037. In the larger Carson Valley area, feel free to use our toll free number: (888) 608-8406. You can also schedule online, and when you do, request our free book, Love Your Toenails: A Guide to Treating Fungal Toenails and Keeping Your Feet Healthy. Fill out this form and we’ll send it right out to you with no further obligation.

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