8 Not-So-Fun Facts about Plantar Fibromas

Johnny Carson, great king of late night TV, hosted NBC’s “The Tonight Show” for 30 years (1962 to 1992), won six Emmy Awards, and would’ve celebrated his 89th birthday Thursday, October 23. His legacy of late night continues—his performances have impacted the talk shows you watch before you go to bed. Now that we’ve laid out some fun facts about Johnny, let’s talk not-so-fun facts about that painful lump in your arch, also known as a plantar fibroma.

1. The tissues in the arch of your foot, called the plantar fascia, are where this lump develops. The non-cancerous growth can appear as a single knot or a cluster of small nodules in one or both feet. Additional lumps may start to appear.

2. The nodule is not a sudden development, but a gradual lump that progresses in size over a long period of time. However, the bump can stay the same size.

3. Use your senses. You can see and feel this lump. It will be firm to the touch. You also may have pain caused by walking, standing, or your shoes pushing against the mass.

4. The cause is unknown for this condition. However, trauma to the arch of the foot and conditions like epilepsy and alcoholism put you more at risk.

5. When the lump is still small, we usually wait on the more invasive methods and try conservative treatment, like physical therapy, and frequent monitoring to control further growth.

6. We can design custom orthotics that can take some pressure off your fibroma, which might be causing you pain.

7. Steroid injections directly into the lump may help and relieve pain. These shots cannot guarantee that the lump will not return to its original size, though.

8. There is a high return rate with plantar fibromas. However, that rate can be decreased with a surgery to remove the lump in the plantar fascia tissue. We may recommend this as an option when all conservative methods have been exhausted.

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