Beat Post-Holiday Blahs with A Foot Massage

If you are really lucky, one of your gifts during the holidays was a certificate for a foot massage—either at a salon or by the loved one who gave it to you. If you weren’t that lucky, don’t despair. You can soothe your tired, aching feet and give your spirits a lift by giving one to yourself! You can learn how to massage your feet by following these easy steps:

  • Start with a foot bath. Fill a tub with warm water and soak your feet for ten minutes. Then rub gently all over to loosen any dirt and relax your feet, and pat dry.
  • Use an emollient. You can buy special lotions or creams from the store for this, or design your own using non-toxic ingredients like mineral or coconut oil, and fragrances like lemon, lavender, almond, or vanilla. Warm it over a candle for a truly soothing feel.
  • Massage the top of the foot. Place your left foot across your right knee. Rub some of the lotion between your hands and gently stroke the fingers of your right hand along the top and sides of the foot from ankle to toes, and then reverse direction. Then place your palm under the foot and curl fingers and thumb up and around to stroke top and sides again.
  • Using both thumbs, rub in small circles all over the heel, and then the ball of the foot (fingers on the top of the foot so you can put some pressure on these spots. Repeat with cross-strokes (thumbs moving up and down in opposite directions).
  • Make a fist, press the tops of your fingers against your arch, and roll back and forth with gentle pressure to relax the arch
  • Finish up by pulling gently on each toe, and then inserting a finger in each space and massaging the base of each toe.

There, didn’t that feel great? Your foot feels tingly and alive and is nice and soft from the lotion. Now you’d better do the other one or it will feel jealous!

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