Boost Your Endurance with Stair Running

Whether you’re training for a marathon or just beginning to work out, there are many reasons why you should consider stair running. It’s a simple, effective way to burn calories and get in shape; you don’t need sophisticated equipment; and you don’t have to spend lots of money.

How exactly does it help keep your feet healthy? Well, it’s a cardio exercise which means you’re working to strengthen the heart and lungs. This wards off heart disease, high blood pressure and even Type 2 diabetes, all of which can have dangerous effects on your lower limbs. This exercise also helps tone your muscles. As you climb, the thighs are tightened along with the glutes and calves. Strong muscles mean less likelihood of injuries.

High cardio doesn’t have to mean high-impact on your joints either. Stair running actually works to strengthen your joints! Ankle and hip bones are empowered to be dense and tough as you do this work out, again warding off injury. The rewards of running are immense, and they are only increased when you use stairs. The deep incline as you ascend adds a greater challenge, meaning you develop far better endurance.

To try stair running, begin with a simple warm up. A short jog or jumping jacks will help get your blood pumping and your muscles ready. The first time or two, stick to walking. That will ensure your body is prepared for the coming exertion.

When you’re ready, start running! As you advance, try variations on the routine. For example, do the Cinderella. Ascend the stairs at a slow, regal pace. Then descend quickly like you’re making a midnight escape! This will confuse your muscles and make them work harder.

Make sure you wear proper shoes that support your feet as you run. If possible, seek out a staircase that has wider steps. This will make it easier to find sure footing as you go at a high pace.

Dr. Victoria Melhuish can explain even more benefits of stair running. To contact her, visit Sierra Foot and Ankle in Gardnerville, NV or call (775) 783-8037.

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