Common Kids’ Foot Conditions

Children's FeetMost kids have a lot of “get up and go.” In fact, sometimes they seem to have an endless amount of energy! Running, jumping, skipping, and playing are on every day’s agenda, but they can’t do these things if their feet hurt.  If your normally-rambunctious child is suddenly not interested in activities usually enjoyed, well that’s a sign he or she may be suffering from one of these common children’s foot conditions:

  • Ingrown toenails – sometimes it’s hard to keep up with kids’ growing feet and shoes can get too tight, squeezing little toes and causing nails to grow into the surrounding skin, which then becomes red and sore. This can also occur if nails are trimmed incorrectly. Be sure to cut them straight across and even with tips of toes.
  • Flat feet – if the arches in your kids’ feet never develop, it could very well cause no issues at all, but in some cases, the condition can become painful and difficult to participate in favorite activities. Treatments can be as simple as switching to more supportive shoes and using orthotic inserts.
  • Plantar warts – though common and typically harmless in kids, warts—when located on the soles of their feet—can be painful with every step as pressure is placed upon them.  We can remove the wart or use other techniques to eliminate the problem.
  • Intoeing – kids’ feet sometimes turn inward as they walk. This is also known as being pigeon-toed and it’s actually common for this problem to correct itself with age. However, if the condition is causing your child to trip, interferes with activities, or doesn’t seem to be realigning correctly, a trip to our office is in order.
  • Sever’s disease – this occurs when your child’s heel bone grows faster than the Achilles tendon attached to it, which then makes the tight tendon pull on the bone and cause pain. Fortunately, the problem goes away once your child is done growing. Until then, treatment focuses on minimizing symptoms and easing discomfort.

Make sure your kids are able to do all the things they love to do! Call us if you notice any symptoms of the conditions above, or if you have any other concerns about the health of your children’s feet. Dial (888) 608-8406 to make an appointment with either our Carson City or Gardnerville, NV office.

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