Deciding on Diabetic Socks

April is Foot Health Awareness Month—a small reminder to think about your feet and the important role they play in your life. If you have diabetes, increasing your awareness about your lower limbs can only help you. You need to pay attention to them and their needs so that you can avoid serious complications like diabetic foot. One important question to ask is this: do you need diabetic socks? How do you know if you do?

First, you should understand that diabetic socks are not the same as regular hosiery. They are created differently to allow your lower limbs to “breathe” and wick moisture away from the feet, discouraging fungal infections. They are frequently compression socks as well, which help with your circulation.

You may need diabetic socks if you know you have circulation issues. Discomfort from edema and visible spider veins are also both excellent signs that they may be beneficial. No matter what your symptoms are, you do need footwear that helps protect against infections and increases healthy circulation overall.

Our expert staff here at Sierra Foot & Ankle can help you decide for sure if special socks are right for you. We can also help you fit a pair properly so you can be sure the kind you buy aren’t going to be too tight or too loose. Improper fit defeats the purpose of the footwear. If you have diabetes and your feet are uncomfortable, don’t wait to investigate the issue and risk complications. Contact Sierra Foot & Ankle in Gardnerville office for an appointment or more information. Call (775) 783-8037, or use our online contact form to reach us.

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