Find the Right Back-to-School Shoes

The school year is underway, with children everywhere making the daily trek to their classrooms. School activities and athletics have started, too, keeping kids busy and on the move. You want your child’s feet to stay protected and healthy while they’re running around at school, which means making sure he or she has the best footwear. Finding back-to-school shoes that your child loves and that fit his or her feet correctly doesn’t have to be hard.

To find the best back-to-school shoes, you need to measure and try on appropriate pairs. Children’s feet grow fast, so it’s important that you accurately measure your child’s feet before choosing a size. Your son or daughter may have grown more than you realized. It’s also common for kids to have one foot that is longer than the other, so you need to measure both limbs. That way you can fit shoes to the longer foot so your child’s toes won’t be cramped.

Pay attention to the width and depth of your child’s feet, too. Shoes that are too narrow for your son or daughter risk squishing his or her toes and metatarsals. Shoes that are too shallow may press down on the toenails and create toe problems like hammertoes, calluses, and ingrown toenails.

Once you have a few pairs that are in the right size range, your child needs to try on each to check the fit. Remember, a shoe that needs to be “broken in” to fit comfortably doesn’t fit correctly. The right shoes should be comfortable right away. There should also be roughly half an inch of space between the tip of the longest toe and the front of the shoe.

Make sure the back of the foot doesn’t slip out of the shoe when your child walks. The heel should fit firmly in the heel grip, but not feel pinched. There should be sufficient cushioning in the sole and arch to help stabilize the foot. Look for models that have rubber or synthetic, non-slip soles, too. The uppers should be made with cloth or other breathable materials to help minimize sweating.

If you need any help measuring your child’s feet, or aren’t sure how to fit shoes properly, let Sierra Foot & Ankle help. Simply call (775) 783-8037 or send us a request through the website to make an appointment at our office in Gardnerville, NV.

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