Fun Holiday Gifts for Your Feet

Whether it is Hanukkah lamps, Kwanzaa kinaras, or trees full of Christmas lights, December is a month that is all lit up. That includes the smiles that light up your face when you gather with loved ones you may not see much during the year. We have a bright idea to add to the illumination: when buying stocking stuffers or small gifts, why not focus on gifts for feet? There are lots of possibilities:

  • Socks – from fuzzy stripes for the kids to a specialty pair for your favorite hiker, these gifts share the warmth of your heart by warming their feet.
  • A shoe horn – especially one with a long handle for an older loved who has trouble bending to put on shoes.
  • Foot care gifts – like lotions, creams, mineral foot soak salts. Anything that helps clean and moisturize feet during dry winters (and summers) will be appreciated.
  • A pedicure kit – include clippers designed for toes and disposable emery boards (find ones with pretty designs on them).
  • Non-toxic nail polish – buy her favorite color, or light up her toes with something zany and fun for the holidays. Throw in a toe separator while you are at it for a cleaner application.
  • Pumice stone – so your loved one can smooth out those rough calluses caused by friction, pressure, and dry skin.
  • Foam insoles – to add a little comfort to loved ones who spend a long time on their feet each day.
  • Toe rings or ankle jewelry – for that special someone who always appreciates a little bling!
  • Gift certificate for a foot massage – from you or at a therapist.

These ideas can get you started, but we’re sure you will think of others, too. We tend to ignore our feet most of the year unless they protest their rough treatment by becoming painful. Here’s a chance to shine the light on them and say thanks for their hard work! And here’s our gift to you: ask for our free book, Love Your Toenails, by using this form.

If you are having problems with your feet or ankles, give them the best gift—an appointment at Sierra Foot & Ankle to get to the bottom of your issue and find an effective treatment. We are only a phone call away at (775) 783-8037 in Gardnerville, NV, or call toll free—(888) 608-8406—from the surrounding South Lake Tahoe area. 

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