Get Proper Shoes for Dealing with Heel Pain

On Christmas night, as you sit amongst the gifts given and received, you may notice that you’ve received another wonderful “gift” in the form of heel pain. Yes, we know you couldn’t attend the holiday parties without your high heels, but proper shoes for dealing with heel pain don’t have to be boring. Sometimes you can even modify your existing shoes to get rid of the discomfort.

High Heels

Hacks for High HeelsSo, you want a good “hack” for high heels? Try heel pads and inserts. The heel pads will cushion the back of your ankle so it doesn’t develop blisters, bursitis, or worse, the dreaded “pump bump,” which is a bony deformity that can cause a lot of pain.

Go lower. Your heel should be no taller than 2 inches. This evens out the pressure on your foot rather than pushing all of the weight onto the front, like some very high versions do, which subsequently causes Morton’s neuroma.


Are you walking on stilts? Because the narrow heel spikes pinpoint your weight on one tiny surface, this type of footwear might make you wobble back and forth, trip, and even sprain your ankle. The solution is to get the elves at the North Pole to make you some new shoes! No, we’re just kidding, but there isn’t much to be done for these types of shoes for heel pain. Consider donating them and maybe buy yourself a shoe with a chunkier heel to cover more surface area.


You may think flats are harmless, but think again. They have no arch support, which may strain the arch of your foot and cause plantar fasciitis. Buy some over-the-counter inserts from the drugstore before you head over to grandma’s house.

Pointy Toes

If you favor dress shoes with pointed toes, you may put yourself at risk for bunions, nerve pain, hammertoes, and blisters. The best solution is to find a pair where the toe starts pointing beyond the edge of your toes. Otherwise, you could just wear shoes with a wider toe box, like a pair of Doc Martens!

Give your feet a gift this holiday season! Wear lower heels, get shoe inserts, and look for pairs with wide toe boxes and plenty of arch support! If you have persistent pain, set up an appointment with Victoria L. Melhuish, DPM, at the Sierra Foot & Ankle office in Gardnerville, NV, by calling (775) 783-8037.

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