Heel Pain Stretches to Save Your April Fool’s Pranks

Pranksters and jokesters rejoice—April Fool’s Day is closing fast. It’s your chance to frost a cardboard cake or make sponge brownies for an after-dinner practical joke. It’s also the perfect time to leave plastic spiders in the laundry hamper, add food coloring to drinks and snacks, or stick a whoopee cushion in the couch. Really, anything harmless and funny goes on a day like April 1. Some things, however, are not jokes. Anyone suffering from heel pain can tell you that kind of discomfort is real. Fortunately, heel pain stretches can help you prevent the condition from interfering with your pranks.

Heel pain can be quite debilitating if you let it, but stretches that work the tissues attached to your heel bone can help you prevent them from tightening. The best exercises work both the plantar fascia and the Achilles tendon. Movements like the wall stretch, plantar stretch, and toe exercises all relax and strengthen your lower limbs. Hold each of these for several seconds and repeat multiple times with both feet daily:

  • Wall stretch – Stand a foot away from a wall with your hands flat against it. With one foot set straight behind you, bend the other knee and lean forward until the calf stretches.
  • Plantar stretch – Sit with one foot crossed on your knee. Flex that foot and pull the toes back toward your shin as it stretches your sole.
  • Toe exercises – Try picking up towels, marbles, and pencils with just your toes. Start sitting, then move to standing as you improve.

Don’t wait for heel pain to strike to invest in your lower limbs. Take care of your feet and enjoy your pranks in comfort. If you’re already experiencing heel pain, there’s still hope. You can eliminate the problem with a little treatment. Contact our expert staff here at Sierra Foot & Ankle in Gardnerville for an appointment or more information by calling (775) 783-8037 or using the website contact form.

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