How We Care for Senior Feet

Just because you’re getting older doesn’t mean you can’t live it up a little, and the Carson City Senior Center provides lots of opportunities. Bingo your game? We’ve got it, along with scrapbooking, yoga, Rhythm Rockers, and Saturday night square dancing with Cap. Cutups. At Sierra Foot & Ankle we encourage you to stay active and involved. Providing senior foot care is our way of helping older folks in our area be able to participate in favorite activities and enjoy life. And now we offer that care at our Carson City, NV location as well as in Gardnerville, so you don’t need to drive as far for appointments.

We devote a portion of each office day to Medicare patients, and we will continue to do that for our community. Some of those visits involve maintenance issues: taking care of corns or calluses, medical nail trimming, helping with dry skin issues, and easing the pain of toe deformities.

As seniors you may have some special needs when it comes to foot care, though, especially if you have diabetes. After dealing with this disease for many years, you will likely start to see symptoms in your legs and feet. Poor circulation can cause cell damage and breakdown of tissues, particularly nerve tissue.

As your nerves lose function, you can be prone to foot sores, balance issues, and numbness that makes it difficult to walk normally. We take treating diabetic wounds very seriously, and our foot ulcer treatments aim at stopping the progression, fighting off infection, and helping them heal. We also offer solutions if you are at risk of falling – from hints for arranging your home to braces for stability.

So go ahead: start a gentle walking program with a friend. Try a yoga class at the senior center. Cut a rag at the Saturday night dance, and live it up. We’ve got your back—or rather, your feet! When it’s time to get help, remember who to call: Sierra Foot & Ankle. Our toll free number (888) 608-8406 reaches us from anywhere, or call us at the Gardnerville office number (775) 783-8037 to schedule at either location. We look forward to partnering with you for strong feet and a full life.

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