Just Fix It, Doc: When You Should Consider Surgery

When pain is severe and your life is affected, sometimes surgery is your best bet.We’ll start with the obvious: it usually pays to be cautious about surgery. We’re not saying avoid it at all costs. We’re not even going to necessarily call it a “last resort.” What we are saying is that both you and your doctor should be confident that it’s the right decision.

At our office, we do emphasize conservative care. Often, if a condition can be resolved without surgery, we’ll recommend that route to our patients. But we’ll also let you know when it’s time to just “get it fixed.”

There are a number of factors that might suggest it’s time to schedule your surgery with Dr. Melhuish. Here are the two biggest ones:

  • Pain is severe enough to keep you from living the lifestyle you want. This isn’t a surefire reason to get surgery—even significant pain could potentially be resolved through conservative means. But if bad pain and/or deformity stopping you from wearing normal shoes, completing normal activities, or otherwise enjoying yourself, surgery may be the best option to get you back where you need to be.
  • Conservative care just isn’t working. Unfortunately, sometimes non-surgical treatments just aren’t able to provide the relief you need in a timely fashion. In other cases, non-surgical treatment is necessarily limited. For example, rigid bunions and hammertoes cannot be corrected conservatively. When alternatives fail, surgery may be your next best option.

We know you have a busy life to lead—these days, we all do!—and sitting on the sidelines with foot pain just isn’t a long-term option. Sometimes gentler options like orthotics or physical therapy are your best bet, but in other cases it might be better to just get the surgery and get it fixed.

At Sierra Foot & Ankle, we’ve invested in state-of-the-art training and tools for both conservative and surgical treatment options. But more than that, we’re also invested in our patients’ lives. We’re committed to ensuring they get the best possible outcome for their own unique situation.  That’s why we take as much time as necessary to get to know you, understand your needs and goals, and match you with a customized treatment plan that offers the best way forward.

To schedule an appointment with our team in either Carson City or Gardnerville, give us a call today at (888) 608-8406.

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