Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails Blows Taking Pills Out of the Water

Laser therapyEmbarrassed by toenails that have turned a dull yellow? You may feel alone, but fungal toenails are a lot more common than you’d think—tens of millions of Americans suffer with this unsightly infection. For those with diabetes or immune disorders, fungal nails can pose a serious health risk, but even if you’re in relatively good health, the aesthetic issues alone can cause a lot of stress and unhappiness.

We want you to love your toenails again, and fortunately, we may have just the right tool for you: the FDA-approved PinPointe FootLaser.

First, a bit of a history lesson. In past years, one of the most frustrating things about fungal toenails was how difficult, and often uncomfortable, it was to treat. Topical medications have almost no effect, since there’s no way they can reach the fungus through the thickened nail. Six to eight weeks of oral antifungal pills were the most common treatment method, but they failed to cure the infection almost half the time, and could come with some unpleasant side effects, like rashes and liver damage.

Fortunately, laser treatment improves on the traditional methods in almost every way. The technology uses beams of light that target the fungus underneath, without harming your nails or skin. The process is painless and non-invasive, has no known side effects, produces no downtime, and has a much higher success rate than antifungal pills. A typical session lasts about 30 minutes, after which you can walk right out of our office and back to your life. It may take a couple of sessions to fully eradicate the fungus, but many people already see improvement after one appointment.

If you’ve been living with a fungal toenail infection for months or even years, it’s time to do something about it! Let us help you love your toenails again. For more information, feel free to read our fungal nail laser FAQs, look at some before and after pictures, or order your free copy of Dr. Melhuish’s book, “Love Your Toenails.” For a consultation with our office in either Carson City or Gardnerville, NV, please call 775-783-8037.

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