Look for the Bear When Your Bare Feet Need Tending

When you choose a logo for your business, it’s part circumstance, part personal preference, and part just plain fun. At least that’s what happened when we were deciding what image we want to represent Sierra Foot & Ankle in Gardnerville and Carson City, NV.

There are many possibilities when you live near a range as beautiful as the Sierra Nevada mountains. We’re close to Lake Tahoe as well, so soaring peaks, aspens, or lake images all came to mind, but we wanted something tied a bit closer to what we do every day—treat foot problems. As lovers of nature and the great outdoors, the image of a bear came to mind, and the process took off from there.

We had fun playing with the images of the foot prints a bear leaves behind. Your foot print can tell a lot about the condition of your feet—your arch type for example, or which spots feel more pressure from your weight than others.

Then there is the play on words—bear and bare feet. We know the advantages and disadvantages of walking barefoot. It can help babies and toddlers balance and learn to walk, and as kids and adults it can feel good and keep feet drier. For someone with collapsed arches or a person with diabetes, though, it can be painful or downright dangerous.

Many believe that the bear is good totem that grounds you and brings you strength and courage. Your feet ground you too, and it is important for them to be strong to support your whole body and enable you to move well.

We even came up with a persona for our offices: Dr. Well Bear. This kindly “foot doctor” always looks out for the best ways to treat problems in your feet and ankles and help you enjoy a good quality of life whatever their condition.

When you need treatment for foot pain or an issue that is limiting your activities, call Sierra Foot & Ankle at (775) 783-8037 or our toll free number (888) 608-8406 and schedule a time to be seen at our Gardnerville or Carson City, NV office. As you are driving in for your appointment, don’t look for aspens, mountain peaks, or calm lakes: look for the bear.
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