Never Stop Learning

I am embarking on a cross country voyage to attend our college’s Annual Scientific Meeting. Destination: Nashville, Tennessee.

The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) is an organization dedicated to advancing the profession of foot and ankle surgery through education, training, and research. This Annual Scientific Meeting highlights that goal, as renowned surgeons from across the states and beyond congregate to inform and discuss the latest and greatest techniques.
Humbled. Intrigued. Motivated— the progression of emotions that a conference of this caliber enables in me. Learning never stops and never should. The idea that "you can’t teach an old dog new tricks" is a fallacy. Every day is a new opportunity to learn; even if just one thing.
I encourage everyone to seek out conferences and seminars in their respective fields of study. Seek out conferences and seminars OUTSIDE your field of study. (TED Talks are a great way to do this without dropping that inflated conference dinero.)
Never be afraid to invest energy into your education. Our brains are only as capable as we allow them to be
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