Orthotics Help Kids Run and Play

When you take your kids to Bounce N Play or Lampe Park in Gardnerville, NV you want them to have a fun time and run and play without foot pain. That may not be so easy if they have pediatric flatfoot, juvenile bunions, or metatarsus adductus (feet that curve in). Just as children may need eyeglasses to see better, orthotics for kids can help them move around better, and they certainly can help head off foot discomfort and pain.

You may wonder if your child will want to wear the corrective shoe inserts or if they really help that much. In our experience, kids are fine with wearing an orthotic if it means their feet don’t hurt anymore. Good support for a flat arch can help them perform normal kids’ activities like playing soccer or T-ball, or running and jumping around a playground, without suffering with sore feet afterward. 

In fact, if your child has a foot abnormality like flatfoot, bunions, or curved feet, you might already know the benefits of orthotics. Since many of these conditions have a genetic component, your feet may have needed correction when you were young as well. If your child’s pain is due to Sever’s disease—a growth disparity between heel and Achilles tendon in the tween years—orthotics and stretching will see them through until all the tissues have matured.

Here are a few tips to help the transition to corrective shoes or inserts for your child:

  • Don’t just buy generic ones at a pharmacy. Let us examine your child’s feet first, to diagnose the cause of the discomfort and how best to treat it. A generic heel cup or arch support may be adequate, but if not, we can design custom orthotics that address your child’s specific foot issues.
  • Help him or her break in shoes or orthotics gradually. It will take a little while for your child’s feet to adjust to the new support patterns, so start with just a few hours a day and work up until they wear them whenever they wear shoes. Just like glasses, orthotics can only help if they are worn.
  • Keep your checkup appointments faithfully. We will monitor your child once or twice a year to make sure the corrective inserts still fit and provide proper support.
For help with kids’ foot pain—whatever the cause—call Sierra Foot & Ankle in Carson City or Gardnerville, NV at (775) 783-8037.
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