Preparing Yourself for a Smooth Recovery from Foot Surgery

No one enjoys surgery, and in fact, we always try to avoid it if conservative treatments are available. Still, it’s nonetheless true that foot surgery usually represents a major positive step toward improving your quality of life. When nothing else seems to be working anymore, surgery can provide long-awaited, permanent relief.Person in a wheelchair after foot surgery

But a successful surgery is about more than just selecting a great surgeon. To get the best results—and reduce your risk of delayed healing or post-surgical complications—it’s important to take your recovery and rehabilitation seriously. This not only includes following your surgeon’s instructions for aftercare to the letter, but also anticipating and preparing for your needs before they occur. For example:

  • Enlist a loved one to help you around the house, especially in the first few days after surgery. This person could be a spouse, child, family friend—anyone you trust. If they can get a couple of days off work to help out, it can take a major weight off your shoulders.
  • Minimize the amount of stair-climbing you’ll have to do. If your bedroom is upstairs, strongly consider moving a bed down to the main floor for a few weeks.
  • Tidy up your living space ahead of time. Get rid of piles of clutter, and move unnecessary furniture out of the way. Give yourself clean, unobstructed walkways without obstacles or tripping hazards.
  • Organize your most-used items in places where they’ll be easy to reach. This might mean getting food items and cooking supplies on lower shelves, or laying out a few weeks’ worth of clothes ahead of time.
  • Keep your brain occupied! It’s easy to get overwhelmed by anxiety, frustration, or even just plain boredom while recovering from surgery. So, make sure you have some fun activities lined up ahead of time! Compile your perfect reading list. Decide which movies or TV shows to binge on Netflix.

Being proactive and preparing your living space (and mental space) ahead of time can make for a much less stressful recovery period! In combination with following our instructions for aftercare (which may include information on how to bathe or what to eat, rehab stretches, when you can bear weight, etc.), it can even help you recover faster.

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