Preventing Brittle Toenails for Vacation-Ready Feet

Memorial Day weekend is still a month away, but since it’s one of the top most-traveled weekends in the United States, you may want to start planning your vacation now! That gives you time to make the most of the extra days off with the summer-like weather. A month of planning also allows you plenty of time for preventing brittle toenails from peeking out of your sandals.

Cracking, brittle toenails are unsightly, may be uncomfortable, and could be infected. They usually result from dryness or insufficient nutrients. Like the rest of your body, you need to invest in your nails for them to be healthy. Here are a few basic do’s and don’ts for avoiding weak nails:


  • Keep them clean and trimmed. Gently scrub your nails whenever you wash your feet. Clip them straight across and file carefully as needed.
  • Moisturize nails regularly. Normal lotion can work, but olive oil, petroleum jelly, and coconut oil make excellent ointments as well.
  • Eat vitamin-rich foods and drink plenty of water. Your nails rely on nutrients to grow. Vitamins and minerals found in fruits and veggies are important—particularly biotin.


  • Use too much nail polish remover. Chemicals in remover, and even some polishes, severely dry nails. Formaldehyde and acetone are particularly detrimental.
  • Wear too tight shoes. These can squeeze your toes and damage your keratin tissue.
  • Ignore fungal infections. Fungus ruins your nails, causing discoloration, thickening, and brittleness. Have nail infections investigated and treated right away before they worsen.

Preventing brittle toenails is better for your toes than trying to deal with the damage afterward. Treat your nails right as you get ready for the impending vacation season. You still have plenty of time to make sure you toes look their best for your Memorial Day weekend away! If you’re struggling with damaged nails, or are concerned about your toe health, don’t wait to have your feet evaluated. Contact Sierra Foot & Ankle here in Gardnerville by making an appointment online or by calling (775) 783-8037 to get more information.

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