Preventing Pregnancy Foot Pain

Baby bumps are always in the media. Gwen Stefani, Emily Blunt, and Olivia Wilde are among this year’s happily expectant celebrities. In all their pictures, the famous ladies still look lovely, but even they are not exempt from body changes that come with being pregnant. Expecting a little one means increased hormones, weight gain, and many times, sore feet, so pregnancy foot pain prevention should be high on your list of priorities.

Swollen, painful feet are all too common complaints. The extra weight from carrying a bundle of joy changes your center of balance. This alters and increases the pressure placed on your lower limbs. Your tissues also retain more fluids, which causes swelling (edema). All of this leads to uncomfortable feet and ankles that can slow you down and make getting around more difficult.

However, pregnancy foot pain prevention can reduce or eliminate your discomfort and let you focus on other preparations for your little one. Wear comfortable shoes with excellent cushioning and arch support. You may need some orthotics to help brace your feet and stabilize any flattening in your lower limbs. Be prepared to buy larger shoes as well, so that your feet do not become cramped if they widen. Use comfortable, seamless socks that fit well and don’t squeeze. Elevate your feet whenever you can to keep the fluids from pooling in your lower limbs. Be sure to drink plenty of water and do some easy exercises, too—this discourages edema.

If you’re expecting and already having trouble with pain in your feet and ankles, don’t wait and suffer through the discomfort. You have enough on your plate already. You shouldn’t have to be interrupted by uncomfortable lower limbs. Preventing pregnancy foot pain is simple with expert help. Contact Sierra Foot & Ankle for an appointment or more information and take care of your lower limbs. Call our Gardnerville office at (775) 783-8037 or visit the website contact page to reach us. 

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