The Real Value of Yoga for Runners

Running is a great form of exercise that builds strength and burns calories, but it has its own limitations. It puts a lot of hard strain on your feet and legs. April 21-27 is Medical Fitness Week, which is a great time to work through those potential issues to run better and healthier. Yoga for runners can help you condition and stretch for more efficient running.

Yoga is excellent for runners. It helps you build your endurance, flexibility, and balance. It can be especially helpful for anyone recovering from an injury who needs to rehabilitate his or her feet. Since it balances strength-building with stretching, it can help meet your foot and leg needs so that you’re able to do more on your runs. Certain yoga poses are particularly beneficial. The quad stretch and the hamstring sequence all work important muscles that are the most likely to be tight in runners.

Quad stretch

Kneel on the ground. Lunge forward on one leg. Reach behind you and grab your back foot, then pull it back toward your hamstring so you feel it in your thigh. Then switch legs.

Hamstring sequence

Lie down on your back. Bend both knees so your feet are flat on the ground. Straighten one leg so it points toward the sky. Use your hands to pull that leg closer to your body without bending your knee or letting your hips leave the ground. Then switch legs.

Poses like these and regular balancing on one foot can help you avoid painful stiffness in the muscle groups you use for running. That will help you avoid overuse injuries. If you’re interested in the benefits of yoga for runners, or if you develop pain while you’re running, contact Sierra Foot & Ankle here in Gardnerville for more information or an appointment. Call (775) 783-8037 or use the website contact form to reach us.

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