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Have you been frantically trying to find a way to relieve the pain or treat your issue at home? Not all information is created equal. At Sierra Foot and Ankle, we regularly update our blog with reliable information to help keep your feet healthy (and keep you pain-free).

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  • Treatments for Ankle Instability An unstable ankle is more likely to become re-injured and cause an array of problems. The team at Sierra Foot & Ankle uses various treatments for ankle instability to help patients overcome this medical issue.
  • How to Fix a Wobbly Walking Stride Dr. Victoria Melhuish in Carson City, NV provides conservative and surgical treatment to stabilize a wobbly walking stride.
  • Stretches to Prevent Ankle Sprains Injuries happen, but they can be avoided. Dr. Victoria Melhuish of Sierra Foot and Ankle in Nevada explains how stretches can prevent ankle sprains.
  • Stronger Ankles for Better Athletes Dr. Victoria Melhuish of Sierra Foot and Ankle in Gardnerville, Nevada explains the importance of strong feet and ankles and provides exercises to help.
  • Ankle Sprains: The “Common Cold” of the Sports World Gardnerville podiatrist Victoria Melhuish cares for foot and ankle injuries like sprains often. Follow these tips to prevent such injuries, especially while playing sports.