Spotting Signs of Nail Fungus

Awards season may be over for now, but the impact of all those fashionable gowns and shoes is just beginning. Inevitably styles inspired by the glamorous evening-wear you saw on the stars along the red carpet will make its way into stores in the coming seasons. Before you start looking for your next set of slick evening shoes or open-toed heels, though, you may want to take a quick look at your toes. If you plan to show them off this spring, you probably want them free of nail fungus symptoms.

Common signs of nail fungus can be embarrassing. Crumbling, yellowed, brittle toenails are unsightly. Frequently the hard tissue thickens and becomes distorted. The edges may be ragged and separate from the nail bed. The nails may even contribute to foot odor. Sometimes the problem can cause discomfort and leave you vulnerable to other infections as well.

The longer the infection is allowed to fester, the harder it is to remedy. When signs of nail fungus are caught early, you can have the condition treated and your nails restored to normal relatively quickly. You can show off your toes in fashionable, open shoes and sandals without embarrassment. Letting the problem worsen, however, almost guarantees longer recovery times and extensive treatments.

Don’t let your nails break down and cause you discomfort. Treat them right and watch for nail fungus symptoms so that you can take care of potential problems before they get out of hand. Contact the experts here at Sierra Foot & Ankle for an appointment or more information to treat your toes well. Call our Gardnerville, NV, office at (775) 783-8037 or fill out the website contact form to reach us. 

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