Stop Sore Feet During Sports

When you’re out having fun, you don’t want your feet to be the limiting factor. Come in when you’re tired or the dinner bell rings, sure. But sore feet are a very unpleasant way to end a game or a workout. Not only to they keep you from the activities you enjoy, but that pain can spill over and affect other areas of your life, too.

Athletic participation can wear out feet fast if you aren't careful.Chronic soreness and pain in your feet may ultimately be the result of a structural flaw, or a condition that needs treatment. However, your first line of defense should be adopting some sensible precautions and treatments at home. Strategies to limit sore feet during athletic pursuits include:

  • Make sure your shoes match your activity. That means, for example, that if you run regularly you should get a pair of running shoes, or if you’re an avid basketball player you should get basketball shoes. Your shoes, of course, also need to fit your feet properly, and they should be in good repair, inside and out. Worn-out shoes aren’t giving you the cushioning you need.
  • Ease into new activities or higher difficulty levels slowly. Usually, the easiest way to wind up with sore feet (or for that matter, seriously injure yourself) is doing too much, too soon. If you start at a gentle pace and build up slowly, your feet can adjust to the new demands you’re placing on them.
  • Mix up your activities so you aren’t always putting lots of weight and pressure on your feet. This is called cross-training, and it’s good for avoiding soreness (and building strength and stamina in general). If your passion is something high-impact, pick up some low-impact alternatives for your rest days. Some good options? Riding a bike, hitting the weights, or going for a swim.
If you continue to have pain despite these precautions, you may need a little more direct attention. The sports injury experts at Sierra Foot & Ankle are happy to provide their expertise! We understand how important your activities are to you, and we’ll do everything in our power to get you back out and about as quickly and easily as possible. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Melhuish, give us a call at (775) 783-8037.
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