Stress Fractures and Party Shoes

Carson Valley has kicked off another holiday season with lights and fireworks, bell ringers, singers, wagon rides, and visits from Santa, and the fun goes on with various parties—including the dress-up kind that call for that special pair of shoes. Watch out with party shoes, though. They could increase your risk for a stress fracture, and you won’t look that gorgeous walking around with a surgical boot and crutches to match your evening gown!

This overuse injury is caused by repeated stress on your bones from the impact of your steps. Certain types of foot structures have more trouble handling this stress, such as a high, rigid arch that doesn’t stretch and bend to absorb the impact.

Footwear can also contribute by not providing the support your foot needs or throwing your normal stride off balance (can you say stilettos?). High heels place your foot in an awkward position and force you to walk mainly on the ball of your foot. This constant stress on the ends of the metatarsals (forefoot bones) can damage them.

Your bones constantly resorb damaged cells and build new ones, but if there is too much stress and not enough rest, the process gets disrupted. The bone begins to deteriorate and eventually small cracks can form in the surface.

These stress fractures are just as serious, can be just as painful, and may need just as much time to heal as a full-blown fracture. It’s not something you want to deal with during a busy holiday season.

We can recommend styles of shoes that are good for your feet rather than harmful. Just call Sierra Foot & Ankle at (775) 783-8037 to schedule an appointment at our Gardnerville, NV office on Virginia Ranch Road. If you live further out in Carson Valley, use our toll free number: (888) 608-8406. We’ll evaluate your foot structure and let you know what you need to look for in a shoe to give your foot the right support, balance, and protection. Call today, or book your appointment online today and put your best foot forward at those gala events without worrying about broken bones.

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