Stretches for Plantar Fasciitis Pain are “Tea”-Riffic

Get ready to stretch—your waistlines that is! Foodies Bystro in Carson City is now holding its Holiday High Tea sessions, complete with Christmas pudding! Reserve a seat for you and your loved ones this Saturday, December 20 at 2:30 p.m. Now, let’s make room for another type of stretch, because when you have pain in your heels, you may need some suggestions on stretches for plantar fasciitis.

The first exercise is quite easy. Simply grasp the toes and pull them towards you until you feel a stretch in your arch. This is something you can do before you get out of bed in the morning, to minimize pain on that first step or two. You can also place a towel in front of your toes and scrunch it up underneath your foot to strengthen your arch muscles.

Most plantar fasciitis sufferers feel pain when they get out of bed because the plantar fascia—a band of tissue that runs from the heel to the toes—has become tight and stiff overnight from trying to repair the tiny tears that have developed. When it lengthens out with each step, the tissue stretches and tears again.

Another exercise involves an exercise band or therapy band. You’ll need to sit in a chair and place that band underneath your toes so it comes up over them. With your heel and forefoot stable on the ground, pull the band up, which lifts the toes, then force the toes downward.

This next exercise requires someone to help. Sit in a chair with legs in front of your. Have your friend place a business card under your second to fifth toes. Slowly, have them try to pull the business card out while you try to stop them by gripping your toes against the card as hard as you can. 

Mind the manner in which you handle your heel pain. These stretches for plantar fasciitis will help treat your condition and can also prevent it! If you’d like to make an appointment for more advanced treatment, like orthotics, call Sierra Foot & Ankle in Gardnerville, NV, at (775) 783-8037.

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