Stretches to Prevent Ankle Sprains

If your ankle is making you hobble, and your friends have recently nick-named you “Limpy,” you might want to consider a trip to Sierra Foot and Ankle.

Ankle sprains can be agonizing and interfere with the activities and sports you enjoy. If you’re an athlete or runner, you are particularly liable to suffer a sprain because of the extra exertion and stress you put on your body.

However, your passion for soccer or ballet does not have to make ankle sprains inevitable. Just as you can protect your body with the right cleats, protective helmets, and padding, you can help prevent injuries to your ankles as well.

The trick is to stretch properly before exercising. Stretching prepares your body for the extra strain you place on it, thus reducing your chances of injury. Here are some stretches to prevent ankle sprains:

Balancing Act - Stand on a solid, firm surface. Slowly raise one leg and keep your balance. Hold this position for one minute—it’s harder than it seems! Once you can manage that, try balancing for the same length of time, only with your eyes closed. Repeat with the other leg. Balancing strengthens the ankles and the feet, as well as your core.

Toe Grab - Sit in a comfortable chair while barefoot. Place your right foot over your left thigh, then grab your toes and pull them toward your right shin. Switch sides and repeat.

Wall Pushes - Don’t forget your calves! Muscles in the calves are connected to your Achilles heel, so it’s important to stretch them as well. Stand up with your hands against a wall. Bend your knees, with one leg in the back, and the other toward the front. Push your weight into the wall. You’ll feel this stretch in the back calf. Switch legs and do it again.

While we can’t always stop accidents from happening, it is possible to reduce your chances of injury by stretching. For more advice on how to prevent ankle sprains, contact Dr. Victoria Melhuish of Sierra Foot and Ankle in Gardnerville, NV. Call (775) 783-8037 for an appointment today.

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