Stretching Out the Achilles

The great warrior Achilles was legendary for his skill and courage in battle. From his death of a wound to the heel, we learn that even the strongest are weakened by small injuries. It’s important to take care of this tendon because despite its seemingly humble size, it can cause tremendous agony.

The best route to stop such injuries from occurring is by stretching out the Achilles. Stretching allows the tendon to prepare itself for the strain of high-impact exercises like running. One simple exercise you can try is calf raises. Place the toes of your feet on the top of a small step, or on your driveway’s curb. Let your heels dangle over the edge. Then, slowly alternate between raising your heels and lowering them without allowing your toes to leave the step. Use a stairway rail or a chair to help you keep your balance as you do this. Repeat this exercise three different times on both the left and right legs.

For those who fear that any form of cardio will inevitably result in straining your Achilles, there is good news! Jumping rope is a fun way to burn calories and lessen your chances of heart disease and stroke, plus there are several ways to ensure you can enjoy it without injury. First, make sure you’re jumping rope on a firm surface. Although cushioned places like carpet might seem better, in reality they can lead to ankle twists and instability.

Next, as with any exercise, make sure you’re using the correct form in order to reduce your risk of harming your Achilles. For jumping rope, this means bearing your weight on your toes. Picture small children on the playground, how they naturally stay tip-toe as they skip rope. This is because your body better absorbs the impact of jumping there, as opposed to the heels of your feet.

You can live a full and active lifestyle by stretching out the Achilles. Find out more at Sierra Foot and Ankle in Gardnerville, NV, or call (775) 783 – 8037 for an appointment with Dr. Victoria Melhuish today.

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