Stronger Ankles for Better Athletes

Things that make you weak in the ankles: a first kiss, a beautiful sunset, ankle sprains—wait, what? That's right, at Sierra Foot and Ankle we understand this feeling all too well. We often hear about the mighty muscle groups located in the thighs and glutes, but what about the ankles? From marathon runners to tennis players, we care for the smaller muscles groups of the feet and ankles to help athletes achieve peak performances.

It's important for athletes to develop muscle control and strengthen each of the muscle groups of the lower limbs. Stronger ankles translate to a greater transfer of energy from the landing to the push-off, which helps you go farther with less fatigue. Check out the following exercises to develop your ankle strength:

  • Single-Leg Hop: Stand on one foot with the elevated leg bent at the knee for stability, about hip height. Hop back to start, then hop to the left and back to center. Do this softly and repeat 12 times before switching legs.
  • Three-Point Lunge: Keep your hips straight and lunge to the left. Keep the upper body stacked above the hips and stand up. Repeat 6 times before switching legs.
  • Squat Jacks: Stand in a squat position with feet hip-width apart. Jump up and take jumping jack form. Jump back into squatting position. Repeat this exercise 16 to 24 times.
  • Single-Leg Mountain Climbers: Begin in plank position, with abs engaged, bend your left knee and pin it to the right knee. Hop the right foot forward and back keeping the knees pinned and left leg raised. Repeat 16 times before switching legs.

Remember that the time off the field is just as important as the time on the field. What you do matters, and so does having stronger ankles! If you're experiencing any sort of foot or ankle pain, contact Dr. Victoria Melhuish and schedule an appointment. For additional information about how Sierra Foot and Ankle in Gardnerville, NV can help, call (775) 783-8037 or visit our website.

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