The Right Pregnancy Shoes: Comfort When You’re Expecting

A lot changes when you’re expecting a baby, as any mom-to-be knows. You watch your body grow as it adjusts and prepares for a bundle of joy. Even glamorous celebrities like Kelly Clarkson and Drew Barrymore still have to deal with the reality of hormones and uncomfortable, swelling feet. Those changes can make it uncomfortable to wear most of your normal footwear, but with a little care, you can find the right pregnancy shoes to keep you going.

One of those changes is an increase in foot size. Your body releases hormones to relax the pelvis area for your baby—and the effect isn’t restricted to your hips. Between the loosening of your ligaments and your increased body weight, your feet flatten out and grow roughly half a shoe size. With that and some swelling in your lower limbs, your pre-pregnancy foot gear can become tight and uncomfortable.

Finding the best shoes involves finding those that provide enough space, cushioning, and support for your feet and ankles. Avoid high heels or narrow uppers. Instead, look for footwear made from soft materials with a low, cushioned heel. Arch and ankle support helps relieve some of the pressure on the feet. Rubber soles offer additional shock absorption and traction. You may find boots, athletic shoes, and even some sandals that work—but don’t sacrifice comfort or support for style!

When you buy new footwear, do so in the afternoon or evening, when your feet are at their largest. Have your feet re-measured to be sure you find the right size. Always try the shoes on in the store and walk around in them to make sure they are both comfortable and fit well. Normally laces provide better support, but slip-on shoes adjust to swelling better.

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