Things That Make You Go Hmm: What is Osteochondritis?

Whomever coined the phrase “weak in the knees” to describe desire and happiness obviously never experienced osteochondritis. What is osteochondritis? Well, it is cartilage and a thin layer of bone becoming separated from the lower bone in the knee—not so enjoyable. The good thing is that if the cartilage and bone stay close enough to the lower bone, there may be no symptoms and it could heal by itself. The bad news is that without symptoms, you might not know that you have an injury until it becomes a much bigger deal.

Most of the time, though, symptoms will present themselves if there is a real problem. You may experience pain in the knee, a popping in the joint, and a weakening feeling like your knee may give out on you. Also, keep an eye out for swelling, tenderness, and a decreased range-of-motion, as these are all signs of osteochondritis. Unfortunately, the exact cause of this condition is unknown, but there are people who seem to be more susceptible than others. It typically occurs in males between the ages of 10 and 20, who participate in sports that involve jumping, throwing, and rapid changes in motion. Treatment options include physical therapy, and in serious cases, surgery. Dr. Victoria Melhuish can help determine the best treatment method for you.

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