Tips for the Perfect Fit in Hiking Boots

Finding the Perfect Hiking Boot FitDouglas County, NV, is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts who want to take advantage of miles of beautiful hiking trails and scenic paths. For those who are looking to strike out and enjoy the natural beauty of our home county, Sierra Foot & Ankle is here to give you tips for the perfect fit for your hiking boots. We don’t want you to develop any uncomfortable foot or ankle conditions, so follow these simple tips to end up with the right footwear for your hike.

When you are shopping for hiking boots, or any type of shoe actually, put aside the mentality that you are definitely a size 9 (for example) so you can only wear size 9 boots. Do not place as much importance on a number printed inside as to how the shoe actually fits. Perhaps the size 8½ boot is a better fit for your foot than the “right” size.

Make sure you shop for your boots closer to the end of the day. The reason for this is simply that your feet get bigger throughout the day. Speaking of bigger, one of your feet is bound to be larger than the other. Fit your shoes or boots to that foot.

With the boots on, stand up and ensure that you have roughly half an inch of space in the front end and that your heel is comfortable against the backside. You also want the ball of your foot to fit comfortably at the widest point. You cannot expect the boots to stretch to fit your feet, so make sure they feel right before you leave the store.

Even if you follow our tips for the perfect fit for your hiking boots, there is still going to be the potential that you sprain your ankle out on the trails —though we hope it doesn’t happen to you! If you need medical attention for this, or any other foot or ankle condition, we are always right here for you in Gardnerville. Just call (775) 783-8037 and schedule an appointment with Victoria L. Melhuish, DPM, at Sierra Foot & Ankle.

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