Training Tips for Nevada Day Classic in Carson City

Training for Nevada Day ClassicSierra Foot & Ankle is committed to serving our community, and one of the ways we are doing this is by being a top-level sponsor for the Nevada Day Classic in Carson City. Not only does this encourage our patients and others in our area to be physically active, it also helps raise funds for a cause dear to our hearts—guide dogs for the blind. The race isn’t until the end of October, so you still have time to enter, and our training tips for runners will help you prepare for the event.

First, know your limits. if you have never raced before, don’t set your sights on posting great times, but rather on running safely without foot injuries. Maybe this year you’ll just aim for the 2 mile walk or run, and leave the 8K run for another time.

Second, take baby steps. The first week start with mainly walking interspersed with short periods of jogging. Over the next couple of weeks, gradually increase the time until you are jogging most of the time. Then start inserting running into your jogging the same way, gradually increasing the periods until you can run most of the time. After that, you should also vary your workouts—a hard day followed by one or two easier ones that also include some strength training.

Next, hear what your body is saying. Pain is a good signal that you’re overdoing it, and if you try to “work through it” you’ll just make things worse. Pay attention, rest, and seek treatment for any foot or ankle pain.

Also, stretch your calf and hamstring muscles regularly after your runs. These are the ones most often injured, and keeping them limber may help avoid a problem.

Finally, get some expert advice on the best shoes for your foot style, comfort, and function. Replace them when needed, too. Old worn out shoes can make your legs feel tired, and even contribute to foot injuries.

If you need a medical go-ahead to start a running program, or develop foot issues once you begin, call Sierra Foot & Ankle at (775) 783-8037—or toll free at (888) 608-8406—and set up an appointment at our Gardnerville, NV or Carson City office for treatment. We wish you the best of luck in the Nevada Day Classic!

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