Spring is Loaded!

*A moment of silence for the arrival of spring.*
We made it. Winter 2017-2018 has officially passed and we’re on our way to buds and greenery! Window-open-sleeping-weather is knocking on our doors (why? just come in the window!) and our suppressed allergies to rabbit brush are resurfacing. Ah, life is good.
This weekend Easter 2018 makes its debut, and candy lovers everywhere rejoice! The Cadbury creme egg, Cadbury mini eggs, and Reese's eggs are stacked and stocked at all of your favorite grocery stores. And while after a few unravelings you might seek to burn that chocolate energy in the great outdoors, keep in mind: everyone else does too!
The valley trail scene is expansive, but single track trails can quickly bottleneck and it’s important to stay safe. As someone who has had a face-to-face (or face-to-helmet) encounter with a Tour de France hopeful cyclist (or a tech-ed out hobby rider), I can assure you it’s better to pay attention than to spend New Year’s Eve in the Emergency Room…
Here’s a quick tip on trail etiquette:
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