Why Overpronation Might Hurt Your Running

With spring comes the excitement and exhilaration of competing in track and field events at local high school and college meets, and with track comes lots of running. When your gait is normal, this is usually not an issue, but unfortunately a gait problem such as overpronation and running injuries often go hand in hand.

Hyper-pronation is an excessive rolling of the foot toward the center of your body during your steps. A certain amount of this motion is needed as you progress from the heel strike to pushing off from your toes, but too much can lead to many painful issues that hamper your running.

One common problem is plantar fasciitis—inflammation and damage to the ligament under your arch. This causes heel pain after periods of inactivity as the fascia is overstretched. Another is Achilles tendinitis, which inflames the tendon at the back of your ankle and causes pain above your heel bone. Excessive pronation can also be a factor in the formation of bunions, those bumps at the base of your big toe that indicate the joint has moved out of alignment. As your bones move out of proper position, they can entrap nerves in your forefoot and ankle areas and cause sharp or tingling pain.

While all of this is going on in your feet, you can experience pain in your forefoot, heel, ankle, and shins, and since the entire leg can twist inward because of the faulty foot motion, your knee, hip and back joints can also be painful. See how a simple problem in your foot can hurt every aspect of your running?

How can you avoid this? Come to Sierra Foot & Ankle and let us diagnose your gait and any pain you are feeling. Many times the symptoms associated with this condition can be greatly improved with simple measures like physical therapy, proper footwear, or custom orthoses that correct your foot motion. When you can run without pain, and your energy propels you forward instead of being wasted in inward motion, you can take your running up a notch and perform even better.

Don’t wait while the condition and your pain gets worse—because they will. Let us address your faulty foot motion and help make you a better runner. Call Sierra Foot & Ankle in Gardnerville, NV today at (775) 783-8037 to set up your appointment. Those in the greater Carson Valley area may want to use our toll free number (888) 608-8406 or schedule online. Our friendly staff welcomes the opportunity to help you improve your foot health!
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