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We get asked a lot of questions about foot and ankle pain. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of frequently-asked questions (and their answers) to give our patients fast access to common podiatry issues. Use the search bar on this page or browse through our list of frequent questions for solutions to your problem.

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  • When is it safe to paint my nails or have a pedicure following the PinPointe FootLaser treatment?

    You can apply polish immediately after the treatment. It is important that you remove all nail polish and nail decorations the day before your treatment.

  • Is the PinPointe FootLaser procedure covered by insurance?

    This procedure is considered aesthetic and therefore health insurance does not provide coverage.

  • Will the fungus grow back after the PinPointe FootLaser procedure?

    The infection improves after one treatment. However, there is a chance of reinfection because the fungus is present everywhere in the environment. Your will recommend care techniques to help reduce a recurrence of the infection.

  • Is there a recovery period from PinPointe Footlaser?

    No. The treatment is a walk in/walk out procedure.

  • How long does the PinPointe FootLaser procedure take?

    The PinPointe FootLaser procedure typically takes about 30 minutes.

  • Is the PinPointe FootLaser procedure painful?

    Most patients feel no pain. Some may feel a warming sensation. An isolated few may feel a slight pinprick.

  • What can I expect getting PinPointe Footlaser in the provider’s office?

    The process begins with a consultation in which your provider, who will explain the procedure that is to be performed and any follow-up visits that may be required.

  • How does the PinPointe FootLaser work?

    The PinPointe FootLaser kills fungus that lives in and under the nail. The laser light passes through the nail without causing damage to the nail or the surrounding skin. At the time of the procedure, the toenail will not become instantly clear— it takes time to grow out.


    For more information please visit the PinPointe FootLaser website.

  • What happens to my feet during pregnancy?

    Pregnancy FeetHormone changes and weight gain can prompt a variety of foot conditions during pregnancy. Frequently the added baby weight and loosening of your ligaments cause your feet to expand a half or whole shoe size. Swelling, called edema, is also common. Sometimes the added pressure on the feet and ankles can lead to arch or heel pain. You could also develop cracked heels if your skin is too dry. The key to avoiding all this discomfort is to take steps to relieve the pressure on your lower limbs. Try to keep your feet elevated as much as possible, and wear cushioned, supportive shoes. Make sure you use moisturizer on your skin to avoid dryness. If your feet become especially uncomfortable, don’t just suffer through it. Contact Sierra Foot & Ankle for an appointment or more information about how you can relieve your discomfort. Call (775) 783-8037 or fill out the online contact form to reach our Carson City office. 

  • Do I have to treat nail fungus?

    Nail fungus is a common ailment, particularly with athletes and those who utilize public facilities like swimming pools and gyms. For some, these infections pose a purely cosmetic problem: discoloration or darkening of the area, and hardened nails. In these instances, it is solely at your discretion to decide if you want to treat nail fungus. However, keep in mind that if left untreated, the condition can spread and become worse.

    Additionally, as with other mild infections, fungus could pose more serious health concerns down the road. If you feel that it has become unruly or out of control, it may be wise to seek professional advice. This is particularly important if you experience any symptoms of pain or discomfort.

    Lastly, if you have diabetes, or if your immune system is impaired, any issues with your feet, however mild, can have a significant effect on your overall health. For those to whom this applies, medical attention is always recommended.

    If you have questions regarding the health of your feet, visit Sierra Foot and Ankle in Carson City or Gardnerville, NV, or call (775) 783 – 8037 to make an appointment with Dr. Victoria Melhuish today.