Can clubfoot be treated without surgery?

Yes, not all cases of clubfoot require surgery, and in fact conservative treatment options are now usually considered before surgery. Even as recently as 2006, many doctors still operated on clubfoot as a first choice, but the procedures were not always successful and often led to stiffness and arthritis.

The two most common nonsurgical approaches are known as the French method and the Ponsetti method. Although they’re a little different from one another, both require gentle stretching, immobilization (either via casting, bracing, or taping), and a high degree of regular involvement from parents or caregivers. Although we do not provide either of these particular services at our office, we can refer you to experts who can.

Although careful adherence to either the French or Ponsetti method usually yields successful correction, cases which do not respond (or respond only partially) to the treatment may require surgery at our office. For more information, call Sierra Foot & Ankle in Carson City, NV at (775) 783-8037, or in the wider South Lake Tahoe region toll free at (888) 608-8406.