Can I get a salon pedicure if I have diabetes?

Yes, salon pedicures and diabetes are possible, but you should be extremely careful that you pick a salon that properly sanitizes their instruments and specializes in pedicures for people with diabetes.

If the salon doesn’t pass your qualifications, pass up the pedicure this month. Otherwise you’re risking infections and even slow-healing ulcers that could lead to amputation simply if your cuticle is ripped or if your heel is scraped.

Check a few things with the manager before you consider making an appointment: How much effort do they put into cleaning their tools and foot tubs for pedicures? Do they allow you to buy your own personal tools?

If you decide to schedule a pampering session, make sure to tell them if you have nerve damage in your feet from diabetes. Suggest a water temperature for your foot bath that will ensure your feet don’t burn. Your cuticles should not be cut, either, since this could invite infection. Ask them to gently push them up with a wooden stick instead.

If you feel uncomfortable about visiting the salon for your pedicure, visit Sierra Foot & Ankle in Carson City or Gardnerville, NV. For an appointment with Victoria L. Melhuish, DPM, call (775) 783-8037.