Can I still wear heels if I have plantar fasciitis?

Yes, but you should eventually stop wearing high heels altogether. However, heels and plantar fasciitis should be approached—and quit—with caution. If you immediately switch from regularly wearing high heels to donning flats after a bout of heel pain, you might be doing yourself a disservice.

That’s because your calf muscle has shortened over time and can no longer handle being stretched so far or so suddenly. When you step into a flat, the Achilles tendon has a chance of tearing, ripping, and becoming even more damaged than it was while wearing the heels!

To prevent more pain, gradually wean yourself off of this towering footwear. Try changing to shoes with a 1- or 2-inch heel to slowly stretch the Achilles tendon and lower your foot closer to the ground. When you’re back to wearing flats, make sure they have enough support with orthotics and shoe inserts. This way, your heel pain won’t come back.

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