How can I fix shoes once they smell?

It takes some effort to remove foot odor from shoes, but it is possible. If your shoes are made of fabric, they may be washable. Remove the insoles and shoestrings and stick your footwear in an old pillowcase—then run it through the wash. Afterward let your shoes air-dry for several days. Stuffing smelly pairs with crumpled newspaper works well, too; the paper absorbs the old sweat as well as the odor.

Some substances you find around the house are known for their odor-eating properties and may help you fix smelly shoes. Baking soda works very well. Sprinkle it directly into your footwear before bed, then shake out the powder in the morning. You can also use fresh orange peels or fill clean socks with kitty litter. Of course, you may need to look into stopping the smell at the source—your sweaty feet. If you’re struggling with foot and shoe odor, let Dr. Victoria Melhuish at Sierra Foot & Ankle in Carson City, NV help. Just call (775) 783-8037 or submit an appointment request through our website.