How can I tell my correct running shoe size?

If you’re a runner, you want to make sure your feet are comfortable and supported so you can keep on going. Knowing what the right size is can be difficult, and often the sales associates aren’t helpful. Fortunately, there are some tricks you can use to make sure you are getting the right running shoe size for you!

To ensure the correct fit, the heel should be snug but not constricted when the shoe is laced but not tied. When trying on your shoes, make sure that you have enough room to spread your toes, and that there is about ½ inch of space between them and the front of the shoe. Measure your foot—the traditional shoe sizes are just guidelines. Besides, it is common to have one foot bigger than the other and you’ll want to fit the larger of the two. Remember, you want a snug fit without it being too tight.

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