How do I prevent my shoes from smelling bad?

Let's play a game! Can you think of things that stink? Rotten foods, dumpsters, dirty diapers... shoes? Though we can't do much for the first three items on the list, stinky shoes can be prevented. Nothing ruins your entryway, gym bag, or favorite pair of shoes like a rancid stench.

Shoes harbor odor-causing bacteria. This bacteria thrives in footwear due to the dark, sweaty atmosphere. And though you cannot rid your shoes of the bacteria completely, you can control the smell. Here are some methods to help prevent shoes from smelling. Do your best to keep your socks and shoes dry. If you plan to go sockless, dab a little antiperspirant on the bottoms of your feet and between your toes. While your shoes are airing out, sprinkle them with love— a little baby powder can go a long way. You can even freshen them up with dryer sheets! Mmm, that fresh laundry smell!

To get odor under control, contact Dr. Victoria Melhuish at Sierra Foot & Ankle in Carson City and Gardnerville, NV. If your feet tend to perspire more than most, we can help! Call us at (775) 783-8037 or visit us online. We'll find a solution that keeps both you and your shoes smelling great!