How does laser therapy for nail fungus work?

Nail fungus laser therapy uses intense light to penetrate the hard keratin tissue and vaporize the infection festering underneath. This laser light breaks down the fungal cells that are multiplying in the nail bed, leaving your hard tissue and nail matrix intact. The whole procedure is relatively painless and has no known side effects. Many times the nail infection is eradicated after just one or two treatments, but serious conditions may need a few more. Once the fungus is eliminated, new healthy tissue is able to grow in and push out the damaged nail.

If you’re struggling with fungal toenails and want to eliminate the source quickly, laser therapy may be an option for you. Contact Sierra Foot & Ankle for an appointment or more information to see if this treatment could help your toes. Fill out the form on our online contact page or call our Carson City or Gardnerville office at (775) 783-8037 to reach us.