What are some low-impact exercises for feet?

Low-impact exercises for feet don’t have to mean low calorie burning. You can get just as good of a workout—and sometimes even better—doing exercises that don’t aggravate foot problems.

The term low-impact is so vague. Let’s get down to the specifics. Along with the traditional exercises of walking, cycling, and swimming, there are other activities like rowing, climbing stairs, in-line skating, and Zumba that constitute exercises that are easier on your body.

High intensity can also be low impact. Sit on a chair or, even better, a box. Lean back, bend knees 90 degrees, keep your pointed toes on the floor, and put your hands up with palms facing in front of you—like you’re giving someone a high five! Lift your knees up and tap your thighs as you draw your legs in. Repeat as fast as you can for 45 seconds. Do three more times.

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