What are the risk factors of flat feet?

The risk factors for flat feet are plentiful. However, that fact is not necessarily something that should create alarm. Some people don’t experience any painful symptoms or problems from a flattened arch, which means that they don’t need treatment. On the other hand, some people do experience pain and need help. It’s best to know the risk factors so you can quickly act on your pain, if it happens.

Obesity puts a lot of weight on the tendons in your foot, which may cause them to stretch out. This is one the reasons that arches collapse. High blood pressure and diabetes also put you more at risk for developing this foot structure.

A traumatic injury to the muscles, tendons, and joints in the foot might cause the onset of flat feet. Conditions associated with aging, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, might cause your arches to fall over time.

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