What causes Achilles tendinitis?

Someone holding their foot in painAchilles tendinitis is one of the most common sports injury conditions and sources of heel pain. There’s no one single cause of Achilles tendinitis, but some of the potential contributing factors include:

  • Biomechanics. Our feet aren’t always well-suited to the hard, flat surfaces of modern life, and that’s especially true if you have particularly flat arches or tight calves.
  • Age. Tendinitis is most common during and beyond middle age, since the Achilles tendon isn’t usually as strong or flexible as it once was.
  • Activity level. If you do a lot of running or play high-impact sports like tennis or basketball, and you don’t give your feet time to rest and recover between exercise sessions, the repetitive strain can build over time.
  • Training choices. Sometimes you’re your own worst enemy—for example, sticking by your worn-out running shoes long after the time they need to be replaced.
If you’re suffering from painful Achilles tendinitis, you probably just want it fixed so you can get on with your life! Fortunately, this condition is usually correctible through non-invasive forms of treatment, such as custom orthotics (which we fit and make on site). To get on top of your pain, call Sierra Foot & Ankle today at (775) 783-8037 for an appointment in either Carson City or Gardnerville, NV.