What complications in the feet can come from diabetes?

There are many different potential foot complications from diabetes, which is why it’s absolutely vital to invest in your foot care. Fluctuating blood sugar levels damage your blood vessels and nerves, increasing your risk for skin problems, injuries, and infections. You’re more likely to develop calluses, blisters, and cracked skin. Impaired nerves mean you may not feel an injury when it happens—including cuts, blisters, bruises, or even stress fractures—and fail to treat it appropriately. You’re also far more susceptible to infections, from athlete’s foot to bacterial problems in small cuts. Untreated foot complications from diabetes can deteriorate into ulcers and increase your risk for amputation.

Don’t ignore any change or discomfort in your lower limbs if you have diabetes. The risks for complications are too high. Instead, contact our expert staff here at Sierra Foot & Ankle in Carson City and Gardnerville, NV, by dialing (775) 783-8037 or by using our online contact form.