What do hammertoes look like?

If you have a bent or sore toe, you may wonder what hammertoes look like, what symptoms they have, and if you should be concerned about your foot. Hammertoes are common forefoot deformities that can affect any of the four little toes. The middle joint of the affected digit contracts and stays bent. You may develop uncomfortable corns on the top of the bent joint, or calluses underneath the tip of your toe. You may or may not notice a redness around the toe. If the condition is severe, you may not be able to straighten out the digit, and sores may form rather than corns or calluses.

Fortunately, this condition is treatable using only conservative methods if caught early enough, so you shouldn’t have to worry about your toe. If you’re concerned that you have hammertoes, let our staff at Sierra Foot & Ankle examine your lower limbs to accurately diagnose the condition and help you treat it. Contact our Carson City or Gardnerville, NV, office by calling (775) 783-8037 or sending us a request through our website.