What happens to my feet during pregnancy?

Pregnancy FeetHormone changes and weight gain can prompt a variety of foot conditions during pregnancy. Frequently the added baby weight and loosening of your ligaments cause your feet to expand a half or whole shoe size. Swelling, called edema, is also common. Sometimes the added pressure on the feet and ankles can lead to arch or heel pain. You could also develop cracked heels if your skin is too dry. The key to avoiding all this discomfort is to take steps to relieve the pressure on your lower limbs. Try to keep your feet elevated as much as possible, and wear cushioned, supportive shoes. Make sure you use moisturizer on your skin to avoid dryness. If your feet become especially uncomfortable, don’t just suffer through it. Contact Sierra Foot & Ankle for an appointment or more information about how you can relieve your discomfort. Call (775) 783-8037 or fill out the online contact form to reach our Carson City office.